...or those that are just inquisitive

I started learning on a electric nearly 5 months ago, but liked the idea of also having an acoustic. I was looking towards the Washburn D10S until seeing the glowing recomendations of the FG730S in the under $300 dollars thread, and ordered one which arrived yesterday.

I'm really impressed with the build quality and sound. I've just got a few questions that hopefully someone can help me with though. Please bear in mind it's the first time I've even held an acoustic, and am pretty new to guitars generally. Ok here goes...

What wood is the neck made from? Most sites don't name it in the description. I've seen mahogony mentioned, and also nato. (Yeah, I know, what difference does it make, just play the damned thing )

This one has confused me a bit. The site I bought it from says the back and sides are Rosewood, but also says elsewhere in a review that they're sycamore. Doing a google, most say rosewood, but there's also a lot saying sycamore. Assuming they're not the same thing, were older models sycamore or something?

The action feels just a little high. At the 12th fret it's 3mm and 2mm. Do acoustics need to be higher, or can I adjust the truss rod to make it a bit more like my electric? (What sort of height do you haveon yours?).

What gauge strings does it come with? I'm in the UK if it makes any difference. Do I need to stick with the same gauge to avoid intonation problems? Any specific recomendations of strings for the 730? (I'm going to be playing rhythm style on things like Oasis).

Ive ordered one too!

Acoustic guitars have generally a higher action than electric .

Its rosewood,the fg750 is sycamore.

I dont know about the strings.
I have on of those. Great guitar.

The neck is either nato or mahogany, and the back and sides are indian rosewood. I think sycamore is much lighter in colour, like maple. I think the truss rod should be adjusted only when there is fret buzz or if the intonation is off. I believe the stock strings are .12s.