Having been saving up for a Hartke Half Stack for bloody ages, but now have a job. This means that I can get better gear, which is always a good thing

I was thinking of getting the 2500 Head with a 410TP cab, but now am considering getting a bigger head, which would last longer in the long run. I am now wondering that with a bigger head, would I need a different cab that can handle more wattage?

Also, I would like to know what people's opinions of Hartke are, just to make sure that I am not going to end up buying a load of shit
I have got a 15W Hartke my devonshire buddy and no complaints with that yet, but i have got no experience with a bigger Hartke but i'm sure people recommend them.
i like hartke. i have a guitar cab made by them. no complaints.
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I dunno about stacks etc. but i have a 140 watt hartke combo and it works great, id recommend hartke as also they dont seem to be too expensive
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I'm considering the same thing, but i think im going to go for the 3500 head instead of the 2500, the extra 100 watts leaves some headroom
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Your cab should always be more than your head, yeah. Hartke make well regarded, good quality kit so dont worry about that.

Someone here plays a Hartke rig, i think Funkmaster.. he can help you, i'm sure..
Hartke's are made with the highest quality of any amp I've ever seen, even custom made ones. And if you don't agree with that, well you can just call Lary Hartke and take it up with him. (201) 680-8153. Any of you have bass player magazine know that's his Cell number. And yes, I have talked to him, and yes, he is awesome.
I've got the HA2500 running through a VX410, they suit me just fine. I can get pretty much any sound out of the EQ / contours and it has built in compression.

It's been more than loud enough for any gig or practice I've had to play, if you think that you may need the extra headroom go for the 3500.

Great amp for a decent price.