my guitar teacher is teaching me flatpicking and stuff like that. but i really want to learn rock. is flat picking by any chance going to help me at all doing rock or should i change to a rock teacher. and no the lessons on this site dont help me any they are either to easy or to hard.
How long have you been playing? technique is always good to get the basics out of the way and that. So you can move on to songs with out worrying about it.
Just tell him what you want to do. maybe suggest to divide up the lesson more.one part of something you want to do a song/riff and then what he thinks you need to know/improve/learn.
if hes a good teacher dont just change for a reason like that unless his tastes are 300% different to yours. Though it also depends how long you ve been going to him if youve just started stick with it for awhile atleast. Im very glad i did.
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