Okay this may well be the most pointless post ever but just found this kick ass effect on a BOSS GT8 pedal board thing ... hehe.. made a tiny thingCheck it err its the one at the top ...
all of your solos are poorly EQed, you are very good, you just need to mess with ur amp abit
Cool I really thought I was gonna get bashed for posting that.. your gonna have to take my word for it.. its all down to the recording I dont have the money for decent gear atm .. Im real fussy about my sound at this end!..
Thanks man.. just need to get into or start a band with totally dedicated people, thats all I want.. I swear its the recording!!

Btw Im in Dorset england if anyone wants to form a band!

EDIT: Crap.. just listened to the Hi-Fi verson.. its messed up.. listen to the Lo-Fi!!!.. not that I couldnt play it that fast
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