I was wondering the best way to record from guitar to my pc...what soundcard is needed?...cables?... programs?...

I use an M-Audio Fast Track USB interface...but idk if that's the "best" way to record to pc. It has a guitar input on the box, so all I have to do is plug in, turn on the recording software, and go.
I'd just go with a USB interface. M-Audio or Line 6 are fine unless you want professional quality recordings or something.
easiest way is just a converted cable.
one end the size of your guitar input,
and the other end the size of an audio imput (such as headphone for an mp3 player)
then plug it into the 'audio in' on you computer.
these cables are around $5-$10 and work very nicely.
you can also send the guitar sound over msn or other messengers as a voice convo.
hope this helps =]
If you want good quality, get a Line 6 POD i think they're called, or something alike. But if you're like me, and are lazy, just plug a lead from your Line Out on your amp to your PC mic slot, then play. The sound will actually come through the speakers though, not the amp.