I was thinking about buying a Tobias bass, and I figured UG would be a great place to get comments on it. I was planning on going for one of the cheaper (lol) Growlers, considering I've heard that Tobias makes extremely high quality basses. Good idea?
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Growlers are nice basses; I'd love to own one.

Unfortunately, Tobias' quality control has gone sharply downhill since Gibson bought it out, so you have to watch for lemons.
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Tobias makes some really nice instruments... Although different from any other bass. They are very different from Fenders, Warwicks, Ibanez, Yamaha, everything. If you've never played one you are in for quite a shock. They have Assymetrical necks, a fairly tight string spacing, and almost entirely come in active (and I wouldn't want them any other way... you won't here me say that often).

If you're looking at Tobias bassess, I suggest you checkout some MTD basses. It's all done by the same creator, and the MTD basses are still hand made. I've never played one but I've heard they are nicer.