Also, how do i find out how much power this card needs? I don't know if my PC's power supply can deliver what it takes.
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Well, it says it is. Look at the overview.

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The Sapphire X1950 PRO makes for a welcome addition to the family with its robust hardware offerings such as: the industry acclaimed X1950 GPU, 256MB of GDDR3 of onboard memory, CrossFire support, DirectX and OpenGL acceleration along with enhanced support for the Windows Vista 3D environment.
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Windows Vista doesn't need a DX10 card, but it does mean that games within the next few years will eventually need a DX10 card. Remember that most games are still playable with a DX8 card.

To run Aero Glass in Vista you need WDDM drivers for your card - DX10 isn't really the key factor.
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