hi, i just wondered whether i should get a fender blues junior or an epi valve junior. i play funk, blues and rock, and a lot of RHCP, Clapton, SRV and Hendrix. any suggestions? thanks in advance.

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Try both. The Fender is more expensive but I don't know if it's any better.
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Blues Jr. If however you just want to play in your room, the Epi might just be the ticket.
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blues junior.
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Blues Jr+an OD.
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The Blues Jr is a great choice for your music. Great for cleans and blues.

I'm curious as to why these would be the two amps you're considering, seeing as how they're on completely different levels. What's the price difference in the UK? In the US, the BJ is about 2.5x the price of the EVJ. The BJ has three times the wattage, and six times the knobs!
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The Blues Jr is 3.5x the price in the UK.
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TS, are u gigging wt it? using with a drummer or a band?

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