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Ok so the last one was getting a bit large, so we're due a new one. Special thanks to Alice (Jallas) for keeping the last one active.

Want to prove someone wrong? Challenge them to a One on One!
1 on 1s are the mainstay of the S&L contests forum. They are what sort the men from the boys. You got a grudge? Take someone on in a 1vs.1! Use this thread to demand one yourself or find an opponent. Then one of you sends a piece to the other, who then sets up a public poll between the two pieces, without naming who wrote each piece. The one with the most votes for their piece when the poll closes is the winner! Have a look around the forum for examples of these going on.

1 Vs. 1 Rules
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
I'll be the first to issue an open challenge.
3 pts.
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Trig, you're in the higher tier- cliche, if its your first 1vs1, you must play someone in the lower tier, or who has not yet played.

I hope that rule sticks anyway...
Quote by TrigFunction
,... so i can only play the hurt within 0.o

at the mo, till more people play some 1vs1. We're just seeing if this rule works out, in the long run I think it will do.

I'm up to play someone if they haven't played yet, infact stratkat I'd love to take you on 2 pts.
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Wanna go trig? I'm not competing in this seasons points, so you're open to steal them, although not in a yard sale style

PM me a piece if you're not chicken!

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by TrigFunction
ha i think ill have to wait until i write another piece... a good one. cause im almost certain to lose with what i have so far :P

Fine by me, I'm working on something now...would you like a specific type...poem/prose/regular piece?
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Anyone up for a poem vs poem for 2 points, I'm in the lower tier. Poem must be relatively short and be free form, just pm me the piece.
You missed my challenge to you stratty on the last page, eh?

Hit me up with a piece, I'll set it up as soon as I can
Didn't catch it, I'll send it as soon as I can.

Edit: Sent it.
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i'll take anyone for anything.

that sounds kind of like i'm
desperately asking for sex.

I just want to sleep forever.

okay corey... i have something ready but it's on my other computer... i'll send it in about half an hour.
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okay i'll go up against you too grovermans if you want... i'll dig up a piece so i dont use the same one... you can choose the points.
Quote by Smoothrider_41
im confused as to how this works. if they pm a part, do i have to write the same style?

uh. here. just pm me your piece.
i'll set up the poll for the 1v1.

I just want to sleep forever.

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