I have been playing for about a year and a half. I have been in a couple bands, but I do not feel that I am making the progress I should. I went to a place that gave lessons, which I will probably enroll in, but in the mean time I was wondering what is a good book to learn standard notation from. I have been playing from tab, and I realized that I really need some sort of time. I used to play saxophone and piano, but that was years ago and I have never read standard notation for a guitar.
just go into your local music shop and have a loook at the books they offer
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A good way to pick it up is get a classical guitar book. I got one from barnes & nobel while in the states, with 101 songs or something. By practicing alot you get to know where the notes are on the guitar. I like standard notation over tabs anyday, you get the melody, and you can play it on other instruments. Gentlemanly!!