Is it possible to build an practice all-tube combo amp from scratch? Something low watt for apartment playing, but has good all-tube sound? Also something that won't clear out the piggy bank like most all-tube amps would do. Any instructions, tips, hints, links, etc, would be great. Thanks!
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Yes it's possible, but -
1. Do your research. Learn how to discharge caps (important if you don't want to die).
2. Look at kits. They will be easier for the first time builder.
3. Make sure you understand WHY and HOW something works before you start building.
4. Find somebody with a good background in electronics who can help you if something goes wrong.
5. Post pics. And possibly soundclips.
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They sell kits for these? Anyone have any links? And I build computers for a living, so I am used to assembling electronic devices, but I would do my research first. But before I spent a lot of time on that, wanted to know if it was even possible or practical first.
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Samick Les Paul (AV6VB) Guitar w/ SD Alnico2/JB
Marshall AVT150H halfstack
Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 Bass
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torresengineering.com sell kits for these.
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it's definitely possible, but not realistic. it'll cost more than a basic tube amp like a blues junior.
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why not pickup something like a epi valve junior and just mod that for what ya ever sound your after. $100 5watt all tube head cant go wrong what your after
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I wouldn't recommend tube amps from scrath unless you know what you're doing and how not to kill yourself

Epi Valve Junior my friend
You won't save money unless you're replicating some super rare amp that would go for alot. If you don't wanna break the bank, the Epi VJ is the way to go.
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I second the Epi VJr. I love mine and you can do A LOT to it. I think I've spent more on mods than the darn thing is worth.

It'll do what you're thinking and the pentode/triode mod will let you cut the volume even more if you want to play fully cranked at your apartment.
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