Okay... I'm Just rewriting this original post... since I pretty much changed around the whole song...

Its quite different now, Alot better methinks.. but a bit longer haha..

6:40 to be exact...

Just metal... Not sure on the subgenre... if you feel like it... label it for me

Thanks for reading/listening... and remember, Crit for Crit!

Maybe I should add that I've only been playing 10 months... new guitarists always seem to get more thread responses
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wow, that was amazing lol. loved it xD. intro and riff E stood out the most i think, gave me goosbumps lol XD. i dont think you should shorten it, it sounds awesome as it is. Riff B sounded a lil bullet for my valentine'ish, which isnt a bad thing cause i like them :P. cant wait to hear it when its finished XD. i would try and help you complete it...but im way too pish lol. You > Me

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Just posting this to bump it... as I redid the whole song... new one is in the original post.
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya
dare i say that it sounds better than the first one you posted O_O. still got thee ol' goosbumps at that riff lol :P, solo is awesome, tis a beast XD!

great stuff for someone who has only been playing 10 months, very impressive.

again, You > Me

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For someone who has only been playing 10 months that is really good. Sounds pretty generic, but still good none-the-less. Though the harmonics were a tad annoying.

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Thank yeh kindly... however, by generic, what exactly do you mean? I'm afraid I don't quite understand... I know what the word means, but what part of the song makes it sound generic?

As for the harmonics... Yah I know, they sound waaay better on the guitar itself.
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya
Wow I really liked this it had kinda a maiden sound but elements of thrash. But the song seems to get a little repetitve, or drags on a bit im not really sure which.

But other than that it was good 8.5/10
The intro riff was nice, I didn't like the harmonies that much.
The intro 2 was so great, I sounds a lot like the riffs in Quake 2 or something (didn't like that last bend that much).
The verse was very good too.
The fill was very good, and so the chorus.
It sounds a little repetitive sometimes, and a little boring with all those riffs.
The solo was great.
The outro was good.
Overall, great song 9/10

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The entire song is full of great riffs. The one thing I thought was annoying was that you just held a chord for a lot of the transitions between the riffs; something like that is fine in an intro or used once or twice, but it just breaks up the feel when it's used a lot. The one riff I didn't like was the one starting on 38. The post-solo riff (153) I thought could be improved, the constant 5-4 gets a little repetitive, maybe alternate 5-4 and then just holding a 5 or something like that. The solo itself never seemed to resolve besides once or twice; while I liked most of it, it never hangs on a note to let the listener catch their breath. A solo that is all chops can get boring fast.

Overall a good song though; 8.5 out of 10 I guess.
Im not much of a song writer yet (4 and a half months of playing)but i sorta have some suggetions...

1. The solo...add more taping...metal has alot of tapping alot of times in the solos...
2. More PM would possible add mopre of a power to the song(besids in the intro)

over all great song...espiceally for a 10 month player...if you could send me a message on aim some time so i can ask you some questions...tinman02102 or send me a message via myspace-myspace.com/tim0915
Outstanding! The Harmonics werent all that neccessary in some places, but I still LOVE it! If you had an idea, you should go with it for the bass and drm tracks! Thats all this piece needs.
To me, this sounds like Bodom, just an octave higher. Really good man! Keep going!

(How long did it take you to tab out? The same 10 months? :p )