I have tendinitis in the left forearm ( 6 inches down from wrist ) and at the base of my right thumb. Does anyone know any strechtes to help these tendons get better faster?
Go see an athletic therapist. I had something similar during football season except it was the muscles also, and it was in my shoulder. I went to an athletic therapist/chiropractor and he helped me a lot.

EDIT: however, I'm not sure that tendinitis is treated with stretches......
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Have you been to a therapist yet? It's very easy to over do stretches and unless you're very careful you could do additional harm. That said, I've found the book "It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! RSI Theory & Therapy for Computer Professionals " a tremendous benefit. Apart from that, consider icing your hands. Inflammation is a part of the issue in tendonitis and icing can be very effective. Rest is also an important component. Also, look at your environment - activities on the computer or on gaming stations can be huge contributors.


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