i have to get surgery done to my jaw because one sides bone is longer than the otherand ive been in severe pain, and they arent sure how serious the operation will be or how long it will be yet .but on the upside i will be getting some serious amounts of pain killers so i wont be able to feel anything.just figured id post it and ask if anybody else has had random surgery for something stupid like this but the doctors dont know how serious it will be.
Good luck with the surgery. I've never had any myself but I hear you get morphine...
yes i do for a week after and then a one month prescription of tylenol 3 with codine so another one that will mess me up.
i've had my tonsels removed and tubes in my ears. it's no big deal, you go to sleep, you wake up, you see lots of hot nurses and everyone's nice to you. plus you get out of school.
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ya if had tubes in my ears to but that doesnt take long and this could take upwards to 4 hours and it actualy involves beeing cut open and having a guy with a roto saw slowly cut bone away but i am also gonna have like i think 200 mg of morphine flowin through me when i wake up
Haha damn, I might have to get the exact same thing done... But theyre not sure yet.
ya i have to go see a specialist tommorow i may have to get both sides done not just the one that hurts so thats just even more pain killers which equals me and my older brother both having fun and playing some video games not feeling our bodies
ok im extremely sketched out because it turns out that the bone my dentist said was alot bigger than the one on the other side turned out to be a bone in the foot when i looked it up...thank god hes not doing the surgery if it still is beeing done