Yes, I tried the search function, but only found references to amps having either A or A/B, but never the difference between the two.

So, what is the difference between a Tube-A and a Tube-A/B amp?
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has to do with the power supply, dunno exactly what.
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i think that a has smoother, lighter distortion.

on one of the peavey valve amps, it says "morphs between A and A/B class power for tones from country to crunch to metal" or something like that. i think A/B has heavier distortion.
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Definitely not a noob kind of question lol. I have a Valveking, which has the feature mentioned above ^^, and I still dont know exactly how to use it properly. I just keep it on A/B.
i think it has to do with the tubes. lets say an amp has 4 power tubes. if it's class A, all the tubes are on all the time. if it's class A/B, then depending on how loud it is, 2 or 4 are used.

hope i'm right
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Okay try this

It's long, but it explains your question perfectly.
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