I need help with my singing. It's just too plain. I don't sound like that asian guy from american idol bad, (no offense to asians here..lol) but it's just not great. Is their anyway I can improve it? I heard you can can train your voice to get any sound you want. It whould be in the style of John mayer.
Yes, there is a surefire way to improve your singing, both in voice quality and strength. Here's how - sing to any and everything you can, as much as you can. Singing is like learning any other instrument in that the ONLY way to become skilled at it is to work as hard as you can. THere are no shortcuts.
warm up before you sing. always,. and do scaels and arpeggios. just like an instrument. it works
Also, instead of trying to sing like John Mayer, try to sing like you. ANyone can sound like john mayer in time, only you cans ound like you in the end.
It'll take alot of time and practise.

Take Anthony Kiedis for example. At first he favoured rapping to singing, but over the years he's developed his singing voice and now prefers singing over rapping.

Also before singing, gargle something like water or mouthwash. This will get any mucus from the back of your throat, making your singing more easier.
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