Hey all, im a self taught guitar player, and i was looking for some songs and was hoping you could help me out. Im not very good a picking and like songs that use more chords. At the moment i can play Wish you were here by pinkfloyd and most of Heart of Gold by neil young. I can switch between E,Em,G,C,D,Dm,A,Am comfortably at almost anyspeed and am working to getting the F major in the mix, So any songs that are around that skill level would be much appreciated.

(im a fan of alot of older rock music)
House of the Rising Sun is a cool song to know, The only chords in that song uses are Am, C, D, F, and E.
The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man.

It's got a riff at the start and you can play the chords during the verse and that.
for here comes your man the intro riff is it finger picking?

coz if i try using a pick.. i screw up bad
you could try hey joe - hendrix C G D Am E (I think, haven't played it for a long while, and no guitar to refresh nmy memory
mmmmmm jedi
try looking in the "Detailed 'what songs' thread "
im sure you can find a couple in there!!!
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Try most songs from Marcy Playground. They have some good songs for accoustic with major/minor chords progressions. Fun and educational from the strumming pattern perspective.