ok, for my pre algebra class I have to do a report on a career that involves mathematics.
So naturally I chose musician off the list my teacher gave us.

I have alot of stuff already, but I need help with the following information:

Nature of work involved (singing, playing instrument, writing music I would assume)
Working Conditions
Level of education required (music classes, possibly music college?)
Licensing tests required
and of course mathematics information and courses needed.
uh, you need to be able to count to four, as well as every other time signature you use
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You could say something about the sound waves a guitar produces, and what their frequencies are. A good example to show this is the strobe tuner(if you don't know how that works look it up).
Other than that, I can't really think of anything else useful.
Concert A=440 cps (cycles per second)
If you multiply that by two, you get an octive higher.
Divide it in half, you get an octive lower.
hmm. good luck with that report.
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