im looking for a new les paul and since i can't afford another gibson right now i've decided to give the epiphone les paul custom a try, but i can't decided on the color between wine red and alpine white.
What the hell? Color is personal preference. Pick one. Don't base your decision on what people on an online forum tell you.

Chances are, you'll choose one and either regret it due to the grass is greener theory, or you'll feel really happy that you picked it over the other.

Good luck! :P
lol i know i was just gonna see what color other people perfered i'm not gonna pick a color just because 10 people said pick it andonly 4 people said pick the other. i just want to see what color other people perfered.
well personally i think the alpine white looks pretty sick. think matt heafy uses the gibson one.
The Red Wine looks weird with gold hardware. I like the Alpine White much better.
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Randy Rhoads had an Alpine White... (just sayin...)
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Red whine is classy...

I personally like the tobacco, sunburst, etc. Beautiful colors for a Gibby.
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Quote by Randy_Rhoads4
well personally i think the alpine white looks pretty sick. think matt heafy uses the gibson one.

rofl heafy sold that on ebay like last year what a dick he is

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alphine white is definetly better in my opinion
yet the wine red will be more shiny and the finish last longer