- Ibanez SA *Series* Guitar
~ It is a Red/Candy Apple color
~ Very Good Condition. Has a VERY SMALL chip on the bottom of guitar
~ Bought it 1 1/2 - 2 years ago brand new.
~ Pick-up pattern is single/singe/humbucker
~ Had a EMG-61 Humbucker put in in June 2005. Works flawlessly and sounds amazing,adds some distortion. an $80 pick-up alone.
~ Have orginal humbucker pickup also.
~ Basically Little to No wear on neck.

Looking for $225 obo

and cool pic ha
give ya a 30gb video I-Pod for it. 5th gen.
Ibanez RG320QS(For Sale) 275 shipped w/HSC!
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Meanstreet EVH guitar
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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
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do you have a link to the pics,cause i cant see them
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