what is the best amp i can get with a price range of about $400(im 15 i dont have a lot of cash)

i play some rock and metal, but i like some good clean too for blues

also im looking for an amp with a footswitch, because my old one doesnt have one and its a pain to have to switch it by hand
VOX AD50VT . . . no doubt.
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maybe a MG

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a vox for metal???.....For rock metal stuff in your price range i would recomend a crate combo or even a line-6 spider combo.
i've never played a vox
i'll play one next time im in guitar center

no offense but i hate crates, and line 6's in my opinion are good for metal but i want something that has good clean tone
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VOX AD50VT . . . no doubt.

+1, I have the same amp and its great for anything, including metal.
the peavey valveking 112 is around $400. try that one out, i like it.
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yea you could go for peavy...mesas have some amazing clean tone and great distortion but obviously they arent in your price range. So yeah in your price range you could get peavey valveking 112, a line-6 spider...or even a fender, they have nice clean tones and you could use some pedals for metal distortion..
u can get a used peavey classic 30 or 50. i saw a thirty at only 170 and a 50 at 450, but u can bargain your way to a lower price
I'd definetly look at some Peavey Classic 30s on eBay... all tube, great MIA amp. If you do get one, get a Tube Tamer from eBay as well, because the tubes rattle w/o it.
u can bargain at guitar center???
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u can bargain at guitar center???

Yes, just ask them what the lowest they can get it down to.

And to the original poster be aware that the footswitch is seperate for the Vox.
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Save up a bit more and you'll start getting into a really nice price range.
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The valveking (as suggested above) is decent. It doesnt have amazing metal tone, but its not bad for rock and blues.
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i would go something with 2 channels/footswitch..i like crates so i would look at the crates but what ever your into...but with the 2 channels you can get the distortion and the blues so i would go with one of them. Its hard to get blues and metal becuase blues is usually tube amps and metal is usually solid state so get a tube if you play blues more and a solid state if you play metal more. idk if that helped at all but just a suggestion.
go to this website if you dont mind having a used one i think shipping would cost about $30 if you dont get a halfstack i havent bought anything from them yet but their supposed to be good and im going to get a old peavey amp from them in 2 weeks
^I was thinking a Fender amp like a blues junior, or a Hot Rod Deluxe if you want to go bigger. Obviously the Fenders are great for clean and blues but won't get you rock or metal on their own. If you want an amp that will get you that without pedals then this is not it. But you can always use pedals to dirty up a tube amp, you can't get a Fender clean/blues sound out of most solid states. By the way I have a HRD and it's great for both (with pedals).
The Line 6 Spider amps have some pretty amazing sounds with their modeling capabilities. Pretty versatile amp, comes close but not quite to a tube sound.
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The Line 6 Spider amps have some pretty amazing sounds with their modeling capabilities. Pretty versatile amp, comes close but not quite to a tube sound.


spider II's are awful. dont ever get one.
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The Line 6 Spider amps have some pretty amazing sounds with their modeling capabilities. Pretty versatile amp, comes close but not quite to a tube sound.

No, Just no.
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Nobody suggested a Roland Cube? Or did I just miss it. Not much in that price range is going to get a really modern sick metal tone without some help from a pedal. The Vox is OK, the Peavey stuff recommended might do. Small Crate tube combos or the Fender BJ are pretty cool too.
OMG LINE 6 SPIDERS HAHAHAHHAHA was that a joke lol, those are like the shittyist amps ever lol. Make nice heads i have heard though.