Hey guys i am moving to Albuquerque (idk if thats spelled right) in the very beggining of march and i would like to get right into a band when i move out. ok well i am 15 now ill be 16 in august and i am currently in 10th grade so i would like some people close to my age. As far as style of music goes i am looking for anything really except metal. Rock electric or acuostic preferably a mix ive got an 80 watt right now to play though andany music style i like from folk, cause i love playing acuostic i have been told i am really good at it, to Rock, i also like the blues so i like to think i am a pretty well rounded guitarist. Ill play lead or rythm guitar whoever is the better guitarist at each part will get the part if we have two guitarists. The band i was last in i was the only guitarist other than the bass guitar. Also i would like to do originals not covers. I am really interested in doing acuostic stuff right now but like i said i am really good at electric too. i have a standared steel string and a 12 string, and then i have two electrics.
please let me know if your interested thanks
email me at Hendrixrocks4@hotmail.com or pm me
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