what do ya'll think about the band guster?

because i like them, and a bunch of my friends who dont play guitar like them

i was just wondering what other guitarists besides me thought
are they the ones with the "you're my satalite song" ? if so, then i like them.
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So I'm seeing Guster tonight...
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Ahhh Gusterrr... I am indeed a gustergerm. You are very lucky to have sen Guster, Chance... they supposedly put on great shows... I wish I could see themm, they're my favorite band. They do a bit of everything, folky in their Parachute, new-age/techno(kindanotreallyno) in Ganging Up on the Sun, and plain un-identifyable in their 3 albums of Keep It Together, Goldfly, and Lost and Gone Forever. I personally favor Eden from Parachute, but I love everything they do... I didn't expect to like their Parachute because it was all folky and country and I don't listen to that stuff. Still, they fail to disappoint me! Love them to death (but it's still too soon...)