Kind of hard to understand some of the words, but I really like the song and the tone of your voice.

+2 points for harmonizing.

It kind of gets repetitive after awhile, but that's kind of to be expected when there aren't any other instruments.

Try to build up to the end more. It just kind of comes out of nowhere as bigger.

I like it
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the vocals were really good and excellant job on guitar A+++

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i liked it, the harmony in the chorus made quite a spooky, haunting effect. your voice fitted nicely over the guitar.

nice job 8/10
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Okay, first off - if you have an sm57 or 58, for God's sake - use that to record your guitar. You may have to do some post production eq to warm the guitar, but it'll sound so much better. I think you've got a touch to much reverb on the vocals and the guitar - it gets distracting.

The vocal harmonys are well done and add a lot to the song, but because of the reverb (which makes it almost sound like a live recording) it almost sounds out of place? Like on a produced track you expect to hear harmonys, but live - not so much. Tell me if you need me to clarify this more.

I think adding some more highs to the vocals would be a good idea as well - did you compress them at all? Hmmm, I think with the right production this could be a pretty solid track.

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wow... you sound a lot like the goo goo dolls lead singer, i like that you sing well, but it would be better to work out a little more of your originality

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