hey if ur a guitarist from arkansas post

if ur not u can post too
Take it to the classifieds.
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Im from Arkansas, but i hate it here and im nothing like most of the redneck imbred teenagers that live here haha
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This may be a really late reply haha, but I'm from arkansas as well. www.myspace.com/blakefostermusic <---random stupid stuffs haha.
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Ya there are alot of guitar players in arkansas. Alot of them are pretty damn good to. However not many drummers, please send reinforcements.
true that. Drummers are few and far between here in arkie. Guitarists are a dime a dozen. Now guitarists who can do lead and rythm/vocals now thats a find.
Guitarist here from AR. We need some drummers. I've been looking for the greater part of a month now. It took me six months to find my last one....
yeah i know i only know one good drummer. and bassists in arkansas are even harder to find.
i live in arkansas, drummers are hard to find but i know 2 bassists, i play guitar, pretty damn good too
Arkansas here......completely misplaced.... yeah there are alot of guitar players here where i live...that is if you like bluegrass....ehhhhh.... but yeah we need drummers....
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Haha...imagine trying to form a hardcore or grindcore band here. I'm lucky I found anybody. You guys are right though; all I lack is a bassist. There aren't any many around. The only one I know is moving to Seattle.
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Guitarist here, *crosses his fingers for a band to want him*
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Southwest Arkansas.
Seriously guys? In my town you can get everything you need easy. I know plenty of guitarists, at least four drummers, and two bassists and a lot of them are free.
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Northeast Arkansas. Haha I'm a bassist, drummer, and rythm guitar. So if anyone in this area needs one of them just send me a message =}
haha i know some excellent bands from there, such as plu, after the tragedy, and pm today.

all of them are nice guys too
I'm a guitarist in Arkansas... Jonesboro area. I mostly metal/classical style... but I'm really down for just about anything.