I have a bit of a problem with my electric guitar: many of the metal parts on it have rusted/tarnished considerably. I didn't leave it out in the rain or anything, and in fact, I wipe it down with a cloth nearly every time I play it. Rusted/tarnished components iclude screws (both on the guitar itself and the Floyd Rose), fret boards, and even the pick ups. The odd thing is that all of those parts affected were originally painted, and some parts still are covered (and ergo not oxidized). Anyway, do you have any advice for refurbishing my guitar/keeping this from happening further? The guitar itself isn't more than five years old...
They were painted? With what?
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dont wipe it
that is again the most misinformed piece of advice. Why the hell do you keep posting?

But yes, what were the pieces painted with? It could be increased humidity which will require a dehumidifier. It could also be that they are merely just old parts that were shoddily made or previously left in an unsafe environment.
And no, wiping has nothing to do with it.
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uhhhh...this is going to sound really dumb, but I really don't know what kind of paint it was covered with-I didn't paint the screws/bridge myself, or have anyone do it for me; the pant that was on it is presumably the work of the factory. Humidity would be a likely culprit since it can get pretty humid in the summertime where I live (though I generally have a dehumdifier running in my room), but I don't live in the Amazon or anything; I guess I expected that the guitar would be (or the exposed metal parts anyway) would have some sort of treatment against oxidizing. For the fretbars and pickups (which were unpainted and also rusted) is there any polish or something I should use?