I started guitar about 6 months, ago, I got bored, and quit for about 3 weeks. Then i kept listening to more and more metal, and it re-motivated me back to playing. I'am not sure what i should be working on, since I'm completely self-taught, and never had a lesson. Any advice would help!


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If your in to metal, learn some power chords. Its not really the best starting place theory wise but it is fun and will keep you interested.
get some lessons dude because it sounds like ur really really lost lol.

(A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers have moved on to rap music. Put this in your profile if you are one of the 8% who stayed with the real music)

Not really.. I mean I can play some riffs.. I just need to know what should I work on now?
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Well, first off. What all do you know?
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but ur not gonna get anywhere with just knowing some riffs.

(A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers have moved on to rap music. Put this in your profile if you are one of the 8% who stayed with the real music)

Scales is good place to learn. Boring to learn but IMO most fun thing once you figure it out.
Learn songs you like to keep you interested too. Like the ibanex_guru said play some power chord riffs etc.
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If your a bit more advance, start to speed up your barre chords I gather they are quite important in metal.
Here are couple of ideas.
Choose 3 riffs you can play and modify them a bit so they sound a bit more like 'yours'
Then stck them together in a sequence to make a song.
Choose one for the chorus and one for a verse. Write some basic lyrics so when you play the song you not just counting riffs but actually feeling how the song is progressing
Take the key notes from the Chorus riff and create some thing slower with some E (open string) and the main notes mixed in. Use this as the Intro and the outro.
Use the 3rd riff as a bridge. Try this
Chorus (No Lyrics)(Reinforces 'Mood' of song)
Verse (Lyrics)
Verse (Lyrics)
Verse(No lyrics - use as a base for the Solo)
Chorus(Lyrics Twice if you really like it))

This will reinforce what you know and force you to deal with riff transitions.

To increase you abilities in metal it is essential to have the 'palm muting' and 'ring out' techniques down.
The open E string is your best friend. So get good at the 'gallops'. Learn the threes, fours and fives gallops. Fives are my favourite. What do I mean?Using all downstrokes dampen (palm mute) the E and then ring out on the beat of the gallop.
eg Threes = eeE eeE eeE eeE eeE.
Fours = eeeE eeeE eeeE eeeE eeeE.
Fives = eeeeE eeeeE eeeeE eeeeE

Once you can do this then learn to do it with alternating picking (Harder though)
If you can alternate pick a Three gallop you are basically playing Iron Maiden. It is one of their signature rythms.

Learn to read Tab and use this website to find tabs foir your favourite songs. Discover 'Power tab' and 'Guitar Pro'
Take the riffs you like and actually can play and learn them well. Dont try to learn entire songs perfectly beacuse there always one riff in there thats a complete pain and it can be very disheartening to spend 3 hours on something that just isnt working. Move on to something that makes you feel good.
Play for 45 minutes and then surf the net looking for tab music for 15. You will be much better after the break. Also you are constantly working on 'the next awesome riff'.
I must have played the verse from Slayers Black magic and the verse from Metallicas Whiplash 100 times just because I could actually do it and I felt like I was getting somewhere. Sometimes I want to break my guitar with frustration. Like yesterday with the bridge riff from Metallicas Fight Fire with Fire.
Hope this helps
I started the same way - learning little riffs and bits of songs I liked. I knew the major scale and the first pentatonic box. That's about it. After a few months, I became frustrated as I no longer was improving. I made the decision to take music lessons - these have been tremendous in helping my progress. Learning how music is structured has helped to guide my ear when I'm attempting to learn a new piece. It's given me the ability to improv over songs I enjoy. It's broadened my musical horizons.

Please note though that I said music lessons, not guitar lessons. My teacher never once taught me songs, riffs or licks. Instead, he gave me the tools to figure out what I wanted to know on my own.

I'm not preaching or telling you that music theory is a must, but it really helped me.