Hello shred forum,

I hope this won't be too much trouble, and I hope to not take too much of your time!

I have been getting more and more into shred for the past couple of months, and am trying to learn the art of playing fast.

I can play pretty fast when it comes to four notes per string or three notes per string, I just have to work on the accurac a bit more. But my question is how to exactly play to have proper technique which enables you to play as fast as you can. My guitar teacher plays fingerstyle so he can't help me when it comes to shred. But, is it important to have your thumb behind the neck, I find it easier to play some faster licks like this, but harder to play rythm parts. Also, what are some good excersises, besides the 1 2 3 4 4 3 2 1's, and the ordinary ones I can follow from my Guitar One magazine.

Thanks in advance! I am mainly looking on how to start with good technique so I don't suffer in the long run.
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for the neck, usually for your thumb, you place it a bit behind and over the neck, and a lot of it depends on the kind of lick youre playing, for alt picking it should be somewhere in the middle, or at least it is for me, but then again i have a 7 string with a very wide neck

chromatics are freaking amazing, also just play 2 octaves of scales, up and down, and something ive done recently, is dont only start with a down stroke, but do it also with an upstroke

alt picking is one of the hardest shred things to get up to speed

one side note, try not to anchor your pinkey on your picking hand

also whole tone scales work pretty well for working on finger strengthening
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Didn't see the technique thread. No need to report for a question. I am not just asking about technique.
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No need to report for a question. I am not just asking about technique.

Can't see anything else in your post... Off to the technique thread you go.

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