I have a Roland Cube-60 and a BOSS Turbo Distortion DS-2 and I'm looking for some good settings for a really crunchy heavy metal sound as well as settings for solos.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
No, thats completely untrue. THe DS-2 its a great pedal while the MT-2 is a terrible one. Unless you are completely uncaring of tone and are persuaded merely by the name metalzone, then yes, buy the MT-2. Otherwise, use the turbo distortion setting and set the distortion as high as you can and the treble and the mids relatively high to cut through for solos. I dont have the DS-2 myself, but Ive heard great things and I have played a DS-1 and its also a great pedal.
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Use the built in distortion from the amp.
It's very good.
Pretty good actually.
Besides, other pedals don't really go well with modellers