just what the title says i need a wiring diagram of a single pickup in the neck position, and a humbucker in the neck with 3 knobs, and a 3 way selector along with output

that would be greatly aprreciated as i could finish my explorer build
im not sure as for the knobs, the 2 humbucker guitar i got it from had 3 controls

as for the set up

its a seymour duncan bridge
and the neck pickup is from my epiphone strat
i have no idea if it will work because i have no idea about wiring possibilities

Just pretend the neck humbucker is a single.

Here's how you wire a Seymour Duncan humbucker.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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i may just use a single my friend offered me rather than the epis, im not a big strat fan

and thank you very much for the diagram, also what does it mean to ground it?