I am trying to learn the song bleeding mascara by atreyu and it tells me to tune to drop c........ will someone please explain?
tune you yout guitar c g c f a d

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Tune the guitar (down) to (starting with the bottom string, low E
C G C F A D -- Drop-C
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Ok, Dropped C tuning is CGCFAD from fat string to skinny string

To tune to this, go to dropped D (which is matching the low E string (fat string) to match the D string (the second string from the low E)

Then from drop d tune everything down 1 step (2 frets)

its not the hard, just figure out where the note should match

so to tune the low D string (this case D cuz its drop d) to match the 5th fret of the A string (second string)

hope this helps..
Tune your guitar to D standard, using a tuner. Then, tune your E string down on 7th fret to match open A, now you're in drop C.
and while your at that tuning, you should get out some of S.O.A.D"s stuff and Animal i have become by 3 Days Grace. saod plays mostly in drop c and 3dg sometimes does but they both are awesome band or song
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if your tuner is similar to mine, since im assuming you have one, it is 4 flats on the low e and 2 flats on all the other strings.
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i love drop c although my spider amp doesnt agree with it, it dont even like drop d that much.... my amp sounded like it was commiting suicide with drop b, that was funny, well it wasnt cause i was trying to play some nu metal shit cause i was bored
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Just tune your Low E down to a C

well then you will get the tuning C A D G B E and that aint drop c is it... its C G C F A D
get a tuner
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Just tune your guitar while listening to the song you are trying to play. Wait for them to hit the low E string, or in your case, the low C