ive heard of 12 bar blues being I- IV- V or something like that, and i would like to know more "progression formulas?" (is that what they are called? are there more? im really kinda new to this idea). I guess it helps playing in key?
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they're simply called "progressions".

12 bar blues is
I7 I7 I7 I7 IV7 IV7 I7 I7 V7 IV7 I7 V7
atleast in major.

Rhythm changes is ii-V-i.

You're basically asking for commonly used progressions.

the doo wop progression is I vi IV V with a bridge of IV V IV V IV V IV V IV V7.

You guess it helps playing in a key? errr... pretty much everything is in a key. I guess it helps acknowledging the key and understanding the chords, yeah.

I'm trying to think of other common progressions. But the list is pretty infinite. That's part of what makes learning chord progressions interesting.
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what does the "i" mean? (used in ii-V-i)? also vi? i dont know the meaning of the lower-case...
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Lower case simply means minor. Logical eh? Small letters = minor chords. Woo woo.


Although it's "only jazz" related, you should pick up a copy of "Improvising Jazz" By Jerry Coker. You should be able to find it at a library, maybe even your schools. My copy cost four dollars, very good deal. In any event, there are hundreds of progressions in the back appendix. They are grouped in categories like "Tunes that start on a ii chord" or "Songs that modulate up a perfect fourth and then continue on in the circle of fifths" or my favourite "Tunes that modulate up a major third for the first half of the B section, then modulate up a minor third for the second half"
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I was wondering the same thing. I know a few progressions like I-IV-V-I, I noticed in some of the rock/punk songs I know it has a I-V-VI-IV progression, and a spanish progression my friend told me was i-VII-VI-V. What are some progressions around the world? Like country, folk, ska, asian, reggae, flamenco, jazz, middle eastern, russian progressions?