Hey, Im new here and Im about to purchase a ibanez acoustic Model AEF18-BK-OP-01. Well, Im gettin it from ebay and I need some comments from u guys before i buy it. This model is discontinued and there is a aef18E model. So, whats so different in the E model? Does the old model even come with electronics because he doesnt mention it. Thanx a lot.

This is the E model, but not the one im purchasing

Well I dont have any experience with any of the Ibanez models but I do know this from word of mouth: DO NOT BUY A FRICKEN IBANEZ ACOUSTIC!

and your link isnt working
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just stick something in the hole and wiggle it around until you feel something poking out then push it hard.

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I seriously cant begin to tell you how refreshing it is to get some briliiant help from this site for once!

Thats about me
Bad link, and I doubt you'd get a good Ibanez acoustic ... well from the ones I've tried.
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