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A really cool song played at my local rock bar and i wanna know who the **** it was.

Basically, the intro and msot of the song is just "chugchugSCREESCREE" (yer typical dischord thing, see lamb of god), but it is mega tight and leave space in between. My mate said it was Scarlet but i couldnt fnd a song that song on their myspace.

It's a mega distinctive song full of dischords, but wihout being spazzy like dillinger.

Please help!!!
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...i am really at loss for words
Originally posted by thestrumbum
the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
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i know i sound retarded i just posted this in the vain hope just one person knew which song im talking about cos it's an amazing song
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ask the people who played the song? I don't think we're gonna be able to help you.
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there are a lot of songs that sound the way you just described it
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Sorry, but like before says, ask the band (if you can), there's virtually no chance that you're going to get the correct answer if that is all you can remember. It could related to hundreds of songs these days.
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