Hey this is JoePass/helical from a couple years ago. I used to troll the bass forum sometimes. How's things going these days?
Sorry don't remeber you, and I've been here for a few years. But it's going pretty good, save for the occasional "Can I put my bass through a guitar amp thread" But since you've been gone, Bumpers been bannes, and back again Inky and Dan are the new Mods, and the site has been ran over by a small group of Ibanez uses who were crushed after the Bass contest thread that Fender kicked but on. And the rightful king was crowned. Other than that it's just smooth sailing.
perhaps Im mistaken, but why shouldn't you be banned?
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the RIAA can't shut us down, interpol can't shut us down. the U.S. gov't can't shut us down and CERTAINLY not YOU can shut us down.

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it's a UtBDan sandwich. Awwww yeah!