im a complete beginner, but im after buying a versatile guitar that sounds just as good playing metal as it does playing indie, but i only have £250. any suggestions?

PSW please dont say les paul, i hate them


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You wont really get a guitar that's good for metal and indie. Guitars for these two genres have very distinctive characteristics that taylor them one way or another.
Pickups that are good for metal tend to be too harsh for indie and vice versa.
Also most (but granted not all) indie guitarist use hollow or semi hollow bodies.

With this in mind I'd look at the following options:

1. Save up a bit more and get a MIM HSS Strat. The humbucker in the bridge gives more bite for metal but you'll still get some good cleans from the two single coils for indie.

2. Look at some of the Ibanez S/SA/SZ series models. These are quite versitile guitars and you should be able to get one in your price range. Again I'd look for a HSS or HsH combination for a wider range of tones.

3. Get a hollow body (I say this because you mentioned a lot of bands that have used them) The Ibanez Artcore range makes some eally good hollow bodies at an affordable price. You may also want to look at Epiophone but they may be slightly over your budget.
Keep in mind though that a hollow body won't really adapt to playing metal that well.
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Schecter ftw, you can get something like a gryphon which will have duncan designed pups (jb/jazz) and coil tapping.
in your price range a MIM tele, im saying this because they are so versatile
For that price I'd advise a Yamaha Pacifica, in my opinion they are simply the best budget guitars out there
Yamaha Pacifica is the way to go. Although, I've played an SG copy by "Vintage", and it is pretty decent for a copy. But yeah, Pacifica ftw for under £250.
The Yamaha Pacifica is, indeed, where it's at.

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buy my schecter it does everything i use it for mettalica and slayer stuff then for Radiohead and Red hot Chili peppers