I need some helpful criticism
Most of my songs, are pretty much the same, but altered slightly.
I know my songs aren't...that well put together you could say, but still, anything would be nice.
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"New Song 2" - Not really a big fan of the tone, and it clips every now and then. I'm not sure if I would actually call this a "song." It's more of a couple layered rhythm parts, and then everything stops and there's a solo at the end. Could be interesting the beginnings to an interesting song.

"New Song 3" - Pretty much the same as the first one.

"Vastare" - You sound decent enough of a player to be able to get out from behind all the distortion. I'm not really sure what's going on at the 2 minute mark.

"Fun Time" - Not a big fan of the lead part in this song. It just goes from a whole bunch of random notes and then to a big bend.

Moral of the story:

Turn down the distortion .
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