Look at some their other videos and check out their sweet mic stand.
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terrible.... geez... terrible
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I've had enough of that kid and his friends. I don't care how good they are. And they look like dorks. I'm not knocking their talent, they can shred pretty damn well all things considered. But they get posted way too much.
His pure, non-musical talent = good (but really not all THAT good. Lots of it was just wanking)

His musical ear = crap

Sure he can play lots of notes really fast that don't sound good better than I can. But I think I'm OK with that.
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Old. I've already made a thread on this. Now STFU and GTFO.
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His pure, non-musical talent = good (but really not all THAT good. Lots of it was just wanking)

His musical ear = crap

Sure he can play lots of notes really fast that don't sound good better than I can. But I think I'm OK with that.

I finally realized what your avatar is

But yeah, not that amazing.
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their bassist is pretty badass lol

it sounds bad it looks like he's doing something really awesome but his tone or the recording is really bad

those little 13 year old prodigys have no lives

i agree he doesnt have a good ear, he just plays fast and doesnt do anything else, i listened to one of their songs and he plays fast when it doesnt sound good to play fast
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I think they're great! I mean, God the kid on bass has like a Pokemon shirt on. And they have bunk beds. You guys act like should be crit. these guys like they're shredders that have gone through music college or something. Jeese....
Anybody that knows anything about scales can do that. That was the sloppiest, ugliest shit I've ever heard. I had to click it off. The tone was God awful and his guitar had to be out of tune. Either that or he don't know the definition of "key".
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ugh that was really hard to listen to, the screeching was horrible
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He is terrible. He can play fast and all, but when he hits a note for more than a nanosecond it sounds like a hot pile of elephant shit. He can't bend, he doesn't have a good vibrato, he has no sense of musicality, he plays messily... the list goes on. Go listen to Derek Trucks.
That was terrible. None of those notes bared any melodic value at all. The word wanking comes to mind.
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He's got skills i will admit. He may be wanking all over it but it is pretty clean. I don't like that he tremolo picks everything though, thats gona cause some serious damage to his muscles after a while.
He played stairway to heaven, what was the point. He needs to learn to playing something good.
Tha solo sounds like garbage.
Pure garbage.

Not in the least bit musical at all.
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Im not even a fan of this kind of music but I agree his bends and vibratos do suck. Sure he can play much faster than me but I dont want to play anythign remotley as fast as that.

And his finger picking isnt even impressing me - and Im not very good at fingerpicking.
He messed up alot on his "slow" part where he was fingerpicking, and his shred sounded damned ugly. His sweeps could use some cleaning up to.

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what song is that? its not that amazing

te first part sounds like the mighty morphin power rangers theme song