woah! that was amazing. Even though you had a load of key and time signature changes so close together it all sounded right, that must have taken some work!
I thought the bar before you went into part B, even though it sounded good, didn't feel finished and ready to move on if you know what i mean. That being said if you changed that bar to 7/8 instead of 6/8 and put in a finishing note (Gb sounds good) it will sound finished.
Part K sounded a bit chaotic, too much happening at the same time and the acoustic guitars didn't fit well in that part. It would also sound good harmonized aswell.
The solo was excellent, nothing wrong with that, 66-67 part sounded awesome.
I also thought you rushed too much on parts P, Q and R, they were all short and very random, but sounded good so maybe you could expand on them?
Part T = amazing. 'nuff said
I loved you're acoustic progressions just before part V. But part V itself sounded awkward, i think it was what you were doing with the acoustic during it, it just sounded a bit out of tune.
Part W sounded great though, even though it was the same as part V And it did end very well.
For me this sounds kinda progressive but it would sound good as some sort of video game or movie soundtrack.
Overall, excellent piece, struggled to find anything wrong with it. 9.8/10

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=512517
Don't worry bout the detail btw
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that was AWESOME. reminded me SO much of zelda or some other video game. this sounded very epic. anyone could tell that you put an enormous amount of effort into this. all I have to say is WOW. just wow. crit mine if you want. its called absent minded.

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Thanks for the awesome crits. Buckethead jr, thanks for the play-by-play.

Now the next step is learning all the parts and recording it. Wish me luck :\
Dude. I have dreamed of writing a song like this since I started playing guitar. The time signature changes work out great. I loved bars 23-29.

Lol, bar 50 kinda sounds like a Thursday song... I like it.

Solo is amazing. I love the key change at bar 70.

I love the acoustic chords at bar 117...

The outro was amazing, very epic.

That must have taken a ton of work...

Hm... I actually heard this song like 2 months ago, but I was banned, and then I went to India for a month. I can't remember my original crit, I just knew it was amazing...

I've played this song in my high school wind ensemble. It was a very awesome song to play. Nice to see it on GP5 though.
that was really good

im still listening and you've done great
sounds so mystical...something like the music you hear when your versing a boss on a game...but better


Crit mine?
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An amazing tab.

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Quote by PearBear1989

I played the trombone for this song.


this is not my band. I just wanted people to hear the actual composition.

Wait, I'm confused... So he didn't make the song? Or... I don't know. I'm confused.

The video was ok though.
beautifull. could listen to this stuff al day. become a videogame composer or something
It appears that this isn't actually your song. Without saying it's not, I think that's illegal...
Holy damn...

I didn't realize I didn't mention that this was sort of a new arrangement of a Sam Hazo song. I honestly didn't mean to act like I was stealing it. I am playing this song in a Chamber Wind band (Euph), and there were a few parts where I just said "Damn that would be cool with a rock style". So I got a copy of the full score (=X) and tried my best to arrange it for guitars.

And if anyone cares, I have done quite a bit of work to it since, changed a few of the chord voicings and fingerings, as well as a different (cooler) ending.

If you look in the credits within the GP file, it's completely cited and credited, not edited either.
My bad bro if I made it seem like you stole cause I know you didn't since I too have played this song. I like what you have done to the piece and I really like the ending with the bends.

"I always thought that sax solo was awesome, haha" Pretty cool hearing this on GP5.
OK, sounds good. I like the orchestra version better though .


When I tried to open the gp5 file, it said I needed to upgrade my software, so I imported a midi of it. That's probably why I didn't get the score information stuff.
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Quote by TheShadow
It appears that this isn't actually your song. Without saying it's not, I think that's illegal...

damn you, you beat me to it, but yea, the translation is pretty cool though dude
That is really cool. Our High School Band was looking at that for a contest piece. and that isnt an easy song at all. that was awesome dude/
Great song. There was nothing about this song that was bad. It would have been better if you actually wrote it though. But, great job on arranging it all for guitar.

Crit mine? Top 2 in sig are my newest.
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