I'm currently on the market for the imfamous "Cactus Cooler". An awesome soda pop drink, which apparently has a taste of baby asprine. It's produced in South California as well as Northern Flordia, and I've heard it's also produced in Georgia.

- The problem is that I'm located in Kingston, Ontario (Canada), and "Cactus Coolers" are only locally distrubed. Does anyone know how I could get some (within a 200km radius)? I do know it can be purchased on the internet, but does anyone know of any legit sources?

-Also has anyone actually had a Cactus Cooler? If so, what does it taste like?

- Wright
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I don't know why everyone likes that stuff but I live in Southern California and they sell it at my school. If I had a financial account of my own I'd buy and send you a pack.
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yea, wrong site


Well anyway try Ebay, they should definitely have it.

Cactus cooler is the best.

Its like a citrisy 7-up or sprite or whatever

Tastes alot like orange soda.
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yea, wrong site

Just to spite you I think this thread should be most posted on.
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im not gonna lie that shit is ****ing delicious but i havent had it in like 4 years
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yea, wrong site

umm, no it isn't
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Cactus Coolers are locally disturbed?
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