I have a Roland Cube-60 and a BOSS Turbo Distortion DS-2 and I'm looking for some good settings for a really crunchy heavy metal sound as well as settings for solos.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
The distortion in the amp is good enough,I dont see why you need a pedal.In fact,I've heard nothing except for complains about that DS2 from my friend.
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I gotta say.....the DS-1 is even better than the 2, and for alot less money. (mostly cos I dont like the 2nd setting AT ALL, and the 1st setting is a weaker version of the ds-1...I feel so used)

But for crunchy metal settings.....most metal tones have scooped mids, so basially, have the treble and bass at around 3 o'clock, then the mid at about 10 o'clock, then just fiddle around until it sounds nice, you may want to lower the mids even more, or raise them etc.
Hey man, I also have a Cube 60. For a heavy/alt-metal tone:

Bass: 7
Mid: 5
Treble: 5

Presence: 7

R-fier amp model
Gain: 7
Delay optional.

Give that setting a try. :P
If your amp has effects built in, and has delay, use a slight bit of delay (Yet barely noticable) to fatten up your sound. And as for a heavy metal one, try something like:

Bass: 6.5
Mid: 5.5
Treble: 6
Gain: 7.5