Has anyone ever read this book? I'm not looking for the summary, I am gonna read it but it is kinda hard to get into so far, I was just wondering if its gets better and how good it actually is.
The first 50 pages or so is the "hump" that you need to get over. It starts kinda slow, but really picks up as you get into it. One of my favorites from HS english
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I'll read that next year in English. I've been psyched about it ever since I heard Ken Kesey got his inspiration from taking acid while working the graveyard shift at an insane asylum. I mean, it doesn't get much cooler than that.
That's one of my favorite movies (never gotten around to reading the book though.)
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i stopped reading the books for english after lord of the flies, god bless sparknotes, saved me 2 years work.
The book is great. After you read it make sure that you watch the movie.
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like they already said, its tough for the first few chapters but after a while it gets good. i wasnt a huge fan of the movie though. and mushroomhead quoted the movie in one of their songs, thats the only reason i watched the movie though.
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just keep reading it gets realy good.

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yeah, it'll get easier. don't try to supplement reading with watching the movie. it follows the same basic plot but it is presented completely differently