As the thread suggests I saw a "stratocaster" in target. There was a few things completely wrong with it (at least for what strats I've seen and looked at). First off on the head it said STRATOCASTER in huge lettering all the way across the head and a really tiny fender logo under it. On the back I looked for the s/n on the head to figure out where the hell this thing was made. Came away with no letters and this set of numbers:


Any idea on what this really is? It was being sold as a starter pack with a tiny amp, picks, etc. (all the things you need when starting). Didn't see anything on the fender website so I will ask the knowledgable posters here. Any clue?
it is a target guitar. what do you expect to get from it? nothing. because your better off going to guitar center and buying an epiphone
idk, u might have dyslexia or soemthin, but last time i checked the guitars at target were STARcasters, as in twinkle, twinkle, little star
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It's probably a Starcaster.
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Yea I saw that same thing. It is a starocaster.
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lol at the reviews on that site

'and the stick didn't even work!'

i'm thinking he was just twisting the tremelo round
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