Im just wondering how would you play this?


Edit: It didn't come out properly but you should know what i mean
finger pick?
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Mute the rest of the strings, or finger pick.

Finger-picking is probably harder, but you might get unwanted sound with the muting method.
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I'd hybrid pick it.

I.e. Strumming the 8 with a plectrum and finger picking the open and the 6.
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^^ yep that'll do it
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Use your thumb on the low E string and use your index and middle finger on the other two.
It's a Csus chord mangled into a C 6-string barre chord.

Unless speed is absolutely key, I say screw the mutes and just fret it as an open Csus chord.

Like this:

E--0 (or 3)
It would be the best to learn both how to finger pick it and to mute it. So when you do this type of thing again, you will know how to do it. Also, I myself finger pick most things so thats what i would do.
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