I wrote and recorded this while quick while I was on vacation. Thought it had a nice little vibe to it. I got kinda bored at the end and wanted to finish it, which you might be able to tell. Tell me what you think, and what I could of done better maybe, anything helps

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i think the songs very melodic and sort of peaceful in a strange way and is very good. i personally think it gets better in the second half. the top guitar part is very good and it gets almost flamenco at times with the chords. nice song.
Ah, it sounds very nice and I too believe that peaceful is a fine word for it. The lead part 1.36-1.48 sounds dissonant for some reason. I like your guitar tone! Could you tell me your set-up? I'm sorry, there's not much more I can say about this. It's just nice

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I use a mexican strat hooked up to my m-audio black box and I mix with ableton live. If i remember correctly i used the jazz amp simulation with a little chorus and a litle delay at the beginning, i thought it was kinda neat sounding. Upon relistening to it, the lead tone doesnt really fit right b4 the funky stuff I suppose. I think alot of that is from the way I mixed it too, its too loud over the other parts. Thank You!!!
wow.....WOW ****** amazing . was nice to listen to calming and peaceful. and now i cant get it outta my head (In a good way) the song was just amazing .keep it up. u got reall talent.

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Very good job!! It had a good flow to it and I stuck with it 'till the end, which I rarely do with sound bytes like this. You're on your way......