I just started playing bass, and I like this riff, so here we go. I did all of it, bass, guitar, vocals, and the expert drumming i made on a little program called drumsite. Tell me whatcha think and any helpful comments are more than welcome. And Id love to hear some of ya'lls song so lets see some c4c links.

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this song isnt that hard to do,but its cool that you done all your own prts for it,and the beginning isnt supposed to be bass,the tunning jack white uses and the octave pedal give it that low tone,but its not a bass,the distortion on the guitar is kinda iffy,but its cool,singin is ok,different but i dont like how jack sings with the white stripes...neither do i like that chicks drumming...raconteurs are better...but ne way id give this a 7/10...
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well done for doing it all your self, the guitar tone is a bit weird tho, sounds like an electric kazoo
I very much like that cool bass thing right before the chorus.. It's neat, and you've got an awesome voice man... The drums should be more powerful when the snare comes in but it's still a great great cover.. Good job!

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I think the distortion lacked the hit in the face kind that is meant to be used in this song. Vox were okay, drums were okay n stuff. That bass riff b4 the chorus was a bit bit much though.

Thank You for all the nice replies. I agree, I didnt really like the tone on the chorus much, I should of changed it but I wasnt happy with any of it, I didnt want to use a slide, not very good at it. I wanted to use my bass, not a 200 hundred dollar whammy pedal, because I dont have one lol. The little bass riff b4 the chorus is prolly too much, I just started playin bass though and I wanted to try to do somethin kewl with it though lol.

I used ableton live to mix and I recorded through my black box. Thank You again!!
The playing on this was quite good in my opinion. The solo seemed a bit clunky here and there, but even still I thought it was very good. The vocals were good as far as being in key, but it was more like Jack Johnson than Jack White. Maybe that would be cool if the instrumentation was softened up to match.

I thought the arrangement was a little strange, i.e. the bass part before the chorus. I'm not one of those guys that thinks you should be trying to recreate the sound of the original, but sometimes when you try something different it doesn't work and I think this was one of those times.

The recording quality was really good too. Overall, great job!
That was pretty good, nice man. Good job on vocals, be a little more, hmm how can I say it, intense next time? It seemed like you held back on some parts like "And a message coming from my eyes says leave it alone" didn't sound quite right. I thought the bass and drums volume should have been increased a little bit, your voice was really overshadowing them. I think the volume adjustment is the bigger problem and if done, would make your cover sound pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself, the vocals were just more of a personal thing. I'll rate it as it stands now though and will give you a 7.6/10. (Yeah I'm pretty critical, I go right down to the decimal point. )

Good job on the drumsite, that thing can be tedious as hell sometimes.
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thanks for your crit on my cover

first of all, recording quality was great, i also really liked the bass tone at the beginning. I think your vocals are a little too loud. Also i think your trying to sing it too perfectly. I mean its a rock song, rock out a little bit, but not to much. When the electric guitar comes in, the bass sounds really weird. It sounds like theres a weird effect on it, it doesnt appeal to me. I liked the electric guitar though. The solo had a bit of clipping in the recording, but thats ok. Overall it was good, nothing too great or original, but it got the job done
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