I own a jackson with a floyd rose...I use it as my down-tune guitar but recently ive had to block it because one of the screws that thread into the back of the guitar to hold the spring tension has lots its grip...at lower tensions its ok i.e B tuning, but once it gets past C# it slips so i had to block it for the guitar to be tuneable.

Im after remedys to fix this problemm, only thing ive come up with is to place a bigger screw to fit through the "loss of wood"(which i havnt tryed yet), if i did do this would i need to replace the other screw aswell? Any suggestions would be awesome thanks.
hmm... no, i don't think you need to change the other one. i suggest you put some strong glue into the hole, let it dry and then put a bigger screw. i'd change the other one too just to make sure that it doesn't get the same problem.
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