im becoming impatient

iv only got 300 dollars so far and that was after 30 hours of horrible horrible work....

yer so i need another 1000


defiently considering buying used

where would i look tho. i have no idea

and what would i look for in terms for its condition and all that
nah im deathly scared of the internet

would never buy anything over $100 on ebay

im in australia to if that counts for anything...
australia isnt a hole you n00basaurus!
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use ebay dammit.

Use common sense and you will be ok.
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australia isnt a hole you n00basaurus!

hang ur head in shame for using that word

australia is heaven

chancellor park, the swampy estate i live in IS a hole

good old sunshine coast

ur spose to try a guitar before u buy it tho?

iv been checking it lately tho. just in case something lovely pops up
Two Great sites ive found besides ebay are Musicgoround.com. Thats a music store that puts all of their used items online. A little safer than ebay if you are scared of ebay like some people. And Gbase.com is another good used site.
Have a quick look at Cashies, you never know what they'll have in there.
Ebay is the shit. I've been buying and selling stuff there for about 5 years now and I've never had any problems, really. I've had one item arrive broken, and shipping insurance covered it.
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i bought an ibanez neck, and an ibanez body. both in excellent condition. slapped them together and transfered all my old parts over. works like it should. i'm very pleased.
i also baught my boogie 50 cal. + on ebay. after a rather inexpensive re-tubing, i am very please with that as well.

i'll never buy brand new again. but i'm probably not going to buy much of anything guitar-related again.
how much did you get that ibanez neck and body for? how much cheaper was it?
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