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Well im quite new to the whole guitar scene and currently own a squier strat. I now feel its time to upgrade and would like to know peoples top10 guitars of all time thanks
hee are ones that come at the top of my list

1.GIBSON SG!!!!!!!!!

2.Fender Telecaster

3. Ibanez RG

4.Gibson Lesl Paul

gibson sg, zakk wylde custom les paul, fender strat, fender telecaster, and gibson flying v
1) 1958 Les paul gold top
2)1995 Richie Sambora Standard Stratocaster
3)2005 eric johnson Stratocaster
4)Les paul Standard
5)Ibanez RG
I love how people can count.
in no particular order

1. Jackson RR24
2. Gibson Les Paul
3. MIA Fender Strat
4. 52 Fender Tele Reissue
5. Vigier Excalibur
6. White Gibson Flying V w/ ebony fretboard
7. Charvel EVH
8. Wangcaster- (why not)
9. Ibanez Jem
10. hello Kitty guitar.

ok there are many better guitars out there. but as you can see I sort of got bored at about #7
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Out of the guitars I've played:

1: Ibanez S470, Perfect trem, great body, fast neck, HSH pickup config, its perfect for me
2: Fender American Strat, Great guitar, best non wizard neck i've played, amazing sound, alder body.
3: Fender Japan Strat w/ hotrail in the neck, different from the american but many simarlar properties, again it felt amazing and sounded really good.
4: Jackson RRV, KV and Kelly (forgot exact model but they all had same specs), All of them felt different with the order of comfort going Kelly (most) King V, RRV (least), but they were all practically the same, good sound, decent stock pickups, nice neck.
5: Ibanez S520EX, Same as S470 but has HH config, I really prefer the S470 for some reason, the S520 and my S470 feel totally different.
6: Epiphone Les Paul Custom, a bit heavy but felt really nice and played great.
7: Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, Felt simalar to the Custom but I prefered the custom
8: Fender Mexican Strat, Felt good and everything but I can't play with only 21 frets (hence the reason this is 8 and not 4)
9: Ibanez RGA(something) prestige, had a natural finish I think it was made of mahogany, it felt decent and sounded good but I wouldnt buy one.
10: Ibanez RG350FM, SOunds good but the trem isnt anything to call home about, neither are the stock pickups but with a change this could be a really good guitar.
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Here's a piece of advice.........TRY GIBSON AND STOP LOOKING AT EPI

heres some advice: try looking at something other than Gibson and Fender.

try: Carvin, Vigier, Parker, Musicman, Jackson, Ibanez, Agile... the list continues..
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theres my top 5. damn. i need to go buy an allen...
Quote by FenderStRaT RS
Here's a piece of advice.........TRY GIBSON AND STOP LOOKING AT EPI

If you're refering to me having two epi's in my list, that could be because 1)I haven't tried a Gibson or 2)I HAVE tried Gibson but didn't like them as much as Epi.

I'll let you decide.
1)Custom guitar
2)Gibson LP
3)PRS singlecut
4)Ibanez RG1570
5)Gibson Korina Explorer
6)Dean Dimebag tribute
7)Jackson KE2
8)Fender Stratocaster 57'
9)Ibanez S470
10)ESP LTD Dan Jacobs Siggy
Ibanez SA160QM
Laney HCM10
Squier Bullet Strat
MXR Carbon Copy
Zoom Tri Metal
Modtone Flanger(mini)
Korg Pitchblack
Timtone acoustic
1: Fender Strat
2: Fender Tele
3: Ibanez Universe
4: Gibson Les Paul
5: Ibanez JEM
6: Jackson RR
7: BC Rich Stealth
8: Ibanez S Prestige
9: Gibson Flying V
10: Any 12-string Accoustic
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

Acoustic B200
1- Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
2- Fender Strat
3- Fender Deluxe Ash Tele
4- Gibson Les Paul Reissue Black Beauty w/ Bigsby
5- Gibson ES-335
6-Gibson ES-137
7- Ibanez JEM
8- Gibson SG Standard
9- Fender Eric Clapton Sig. Strat.
10- Gretsch Country Gentleman
Guitar for Dummies actually put the top 10 in order. And what is wierd is that I was reading it last night.

They said
1.) D'Angelico Archtop
2.) Fender Stratocaster
3.) Fender Telecaster (I disagree with this but they say it really impacted country)
4.) Gibson ES-335
5.) Gibson J-200
6.) Gibson Les Paul
7.) Gretsch 6120
8.) Martin D-28
9.) Ramirez Classical
10.) Rickenbacker 360-12

They aren't in a numerical order, but an alphabetical. I just personnally put the numbers there. Also these are the top 10 guitars of all time. All the guitars here have been in production since 1960 or before

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Some cruddy classical that my parents bought off ebay for like 40 bucks.
I assume we're talking off-the-shelf stuff, because obviously high-end customs from someone like Alembic (or even the Gibson/Fender/Jackson/ESP/etc custom shops) shit all over 99% of what people have posted. In no particular order:

1) Gibson Les Paul Custom
2) PRS Custom 22
3) Jackson Rhoads
4) Ibanez JEM
5) Gibson Explorer
6) Fender Stratocaster
7) Music Man Axis
8) Any of the nicer Carvins
9) Jackson Soloist
10) Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster
1.Fender Stratocaster & Gibson Les Paul (tied at first place)
3. Fender Telecaster
4. Gibson SG
5. Gibson Flying V
6. Gibson ES 335
7. Gretsch Nashville
8. Jackson RR
9. Jackson Soloist
10. Ibanez JEM

other guitars are just basically copies...... (note: some coppies are better though)
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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1.Gibson EDS-1275
2.Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Authentic
3.Jackson Rhoads (Any With A Rose Installed)
4.Fender American Made Stratocaster
5.Gibson SG
6.Gibson Flying V
7.Martin DM-12 (12-string)
8.Fender '65 Mustang
9.Jackson King V (With A Rose Installed)
10.Dean Ml

there's my top 10
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My top 10 in no particular order...body styles have been combined. It's not an "of all time" kind of list, just guitars that are currently in production.

Electric Solidbody Guitars

1. Parker Fly Deluxe/Mojo
2. Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster
3. Paul Reed Smith Custom 24/Swamp Ash Special
4. Paul Reed Smith Singlecut Trem
5. Valley Arts Brent Mason Signature (Telecaster)
6. Ibanez JS-1200
7. EB/MM Petrucci Model/Sihouette Special
8. Peavey HP Special CT
9. Washburn Idol Pilsen XL
10. Schecter 007 Elite

Electric Semi-Hollow Guitars

1. Gibson ES-335
2. Gretsch Duo Jet
3. Gretsch Tennessee Rose
4. Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III
5. Godin Montreal
6. Valley Arts T-Custom Bent Top
7. Gibson Les Paul Classic DC
8. Hamer Monaco
9. Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy
10. Epiphone Elitist Country Deluxe

Electric Hollowbody Guitars

1. Any Benedetto
2. Any D'Angelico
3. Any D'Aquisto
4. Gretsch G6122 Country Classic
5. Epiphone Emperer Regent
6. Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody
7. Ibanez GB200
8. Ibanez PM120
9. Gibson Herb Ellis Model
10. Samick JZ4

Acoustic Guitars

1. Any Taylor
2. Wechter Pathmaker
3. Breedlove SC25
4. Ibanez EP9
5. Ovation 1861 Standard
6. Carvin Cobalt
7. Tacoma BF28C
8. Tacoma Papoose
9. Tacoma C1C Chief
10. Ibanez AEL Series
thanks ppl i kinda had my heart set on a gibson les paul just kinda needed some other opinions
ESP Eclipse-II VB
Gibson Explorer
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Flying V
Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Explorer
Epiphone Les Paul
LTD V-500
Epiphone Flying V

Those are the guitars I'd go for.
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson ES-335
Fender Telecaster
Rickenbacker 360
Martin D28
Gibson Hummingbird
Epiphone Casino
Gibson Blueshawk
1. Gibson Les Paul Classic!
2. ESP Eclipse I
3. Fender Eric Clapton Strat
4. Gibson SG Standard
5. Parker Fly
7. Ibanez SA2120FM
8. Fender Telecaster US Deluxe
9. Jackson Soloist
10. Gibson ES 335

Not in that order! They are all great guitars, but not in the same genre/category.

Gibson Les Paul Classic '05
JEH Custom Superstrat '07
Rickenbacker 480 '73
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Dunlop Crybaby from hell '07
Boss CE-2 '79
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Here's my list:-

1) Gibson flying V '67 model
2) Dean V '79
3) Gibson Explorer '76 model
4) ESP Gus G
5) Charvel Star
6) Jackson RR V
7) Jackson King V
8) Dean ML (with floyd rose trem)
9) Fender Strat
10) ESP pre-lawsuit Explorer
1) Gibson Flying V (White or Red)
2) Fender American Strat (Black w/maple fretboard)
3) Jackson RR1 (White)
4) Parker Fly (Black)
5) Gibson Les Paul (Gold top)
6) Fender American Telecaster (Red or Butterscotch)
7) Charvel Star (Hot Pink or Yellow)
8) Jackson King V (Sliver)
9) Epiphone Sheraton (Natural)
10) ESP Kiko Loureiro Signature (Blue)
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1) Strats
2) Nashville Teles
3) LPs
4) Teles
5) SGs

IMO original, vintage guitars are the best. Best guitar I've ever played was an original 62' Strat.
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Quote by FenderStRaT RS
Here's a piece of advice.........TRY GIBSON AND STOP LOOKING AT EPI

Youre a douche. People look at Epi because its an affordable option. Not all students can afford a 2-3 grand gibson guitar. It does the trick just fine, so get off your high horse, and stop letting your mother buy your guitars.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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wtf threadstarter, u must be rich for being "new to the scene" and wanting to upgrade from a squire strat to a gibson les paul, im hoping that because you are new you dont know the value of such a guitar. i hate really rich kids who get whayever they want and play the same powerchords, then the prodigies out there who buy all their own gear which isnt worth that much and would kill for an amazing rig.

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My Schecter 006 is sweet. And it's less than half the price of most Gibsons. You could get two!
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my top ten, in no particular order, as I'd like to own ALL of them:

1) Gibson ES137 custom
2) Gibson LP Custom black beauty
3) Rickenbacker 330
4) Merle Haggard Telecaster
5) AMerican Deluxe Stratocaster
6) American Special mahogany Strat Hss
7) PRS custom 24
8) Taylor T5
9) Jackson SL1
10) Gretsch White Falcon
Pour moi, c'est

1. 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard in quilted maple top (oooooyeeeahhhh!)
2. Gibson ES 335
3. Gibson SG '61 Reissue/Standard (hey, this is pretty one sided, ain't it?)
4. Fender Strat
5. Fender Tele
6. PRS SE Custom (customised with Seymour Duncan 'buckers and separate tone controls)
7. My Antoria Gibson Hummingbird copy...tis the bog's dollox!
8. My Jim Deacon Les Paul copy (basically a '58 Les Paul Copy)
and I can't be bothered making it to 10....I'd probably put in a Martin or maybe a Flying V for the metalheads....though personally I quite like the Firebird that Clapton used....oh no I forgot the LP Goldtop!
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I got a jackson guitar. Not sure wat its called cuz i like all of them. But it was about 300$ and i love it. I started out on a squire. I prolly would have went with a les paul, but i need a whammy bar.
Vigier Marilyn
Ibanez Jem
PRS Custom 24
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ESP Eclipse

Quote by jcslash
thanks ppl i kinda had my heart set on a gibson les paul just kinda needed some other opinions

Why would you base your choice on our opinion?
Ok these ARE the BEST 5 not even 10 are needed:
1.American Fender Stratocaster
2.SG or Les Paul this is really a tie in my book but the old Gibsons not this new sh@t there passing off as gibsons.
3.Fender Telecaster
4.Epihone Casino if you into Jazz
Schecter Hellraiser Tempest Left Handed
Yamaha FG720SL Acoustic
Fender Blues Junior (needs new tubes )
Guitar Rig 4, if that counts
I approve of all of these Flying V's on people's lists.

Anyways, in no order whatsoever.

1. Gibson/Epi Flying V, preferably faded. The colors are amazing, and the tone is just awesome, even through an MG.
2. Gibson/Epi Les Paul. Overrated, but whatever.
3. Gibson/Epi Les Paul Jr. Awesomeness. I haven't seen one in years though.
4. Gibson/Epi Explorer. Words fail to describe it.
5. Fender Strat. MIA or MIM, they're all pretty good.
6. Fender Tele. See above.
7. Gibson SG. Pretty decent, still a little overrated.
8. Epip PR-100 acoustic. Great for its price. Epiphone doesn't make it anymore, so...
9. The First Act electric guitar. Best Wal-Mart guitar EVER.
10. The Wangcaster. Weird name, but AWESOME tone.

Numbers 9 and 10 are jokes, in case you're too thick to get them.

Quote by MusicalMinority

Numbers 9 and 10 are jokes, in case you're too thick to get them.

The Wangcaster IS amazing. Amazing tone, "futuristic" looks..........................................................just kidding. It must be pretty awkward to play (no wanking jokes please)
1: Gibson SG
2: Gibson Explorer
3: ESP Viper-400
4: Schecter C-1 Classic
5: Gibson Les Paul

I don't really feel like doing 10...
I'm a person.
1. Fender AV Jazzmaster
2. Fender AV Jaguar
4. CIJ Tokai Love Rock LP
5. PRS Custom 24
6. G&L Legacy
and erm... somethng something.
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