Well...I've been looking to buy a new guitar for a while and I was looking at the Schecter Hellraiser since I play metal/hard rock mostly. But then I found the Dean Hardtail and it looks really nice! Now my question is, is it worth it to get the hellraiser since I heard the clean sound for it is kind of muddy. But then again, I'm guessing the hardtail doesn't have as great of a distortion sound as the hellraiser. Suggestions please?
you're never going to get a great clean out of active EMG's with possible exception to the EMG 60. but I have a Schecter. it's great guitar, built tough as hell and has a nice feel to it. mines the C-1 Triple X model. I would go for the Schecter.

also, I have mine for sale in the classified ads. it doesn't have EMG's, but those are an easy upgrade to perform on them. here's the link if interested
Schecter will deffently stand against anything you through at it those guitars are built very well.

I Currently own a dean and played many others Deans are amazing there play-ability is AMAZING and there Tone Is Very Nice.
Some of the lower priced deans even some of the high end ones come with pritty bad pick-ups (unless your getting the USA made or 79 Series) you'll want to change the pick ups in the guitar but other then that i say go with dean.

You got pritty touch choice tho.
Try Before You Buy Allways.
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Schecter All The way for metal... I personally don't think the clean is all that bad, although i don't know a whole lot about dean, i still say Schecter.
I would have to go with a schecter, I own one, and I own a Dean. The Dean would most certainly not get as good of distortion. The schecter would be muddy yes, but they are made much more solidly than any Dean ive ever played or owned. You could also go with a different schechter to make sure that you keep your clean sound with solid disotion, look at a blackjack
hey my schecter has crap build quility come on they put a clear cout over dints? what the hell. you prob won't buy it now will you.
The Hardtail is pretty expensive so in this case I say go with Schecter
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Not to pile on but Schecter is a very solid lineup, they don't really have any weak guitars. It's a safer bet to go Schecter. You would need to play both guitars and see what you think. Changing pickups is easy.
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I'd say Schecter, personally.
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Reason people are less than happy with the cleans on the Hellraise is because the EMG 85 Neck pup isn't known for great cleans. Most people like the EMG 60 better, but in truth, neither do a great clean. My local guitar shop owner said that to make the 85 sound better clean is to turn down the volume to the 85 using the guitar knobs as the 85 is actually hotter than the 81. He said the 60 is actually nothing more than a slightly less hot version of the 85, which is why it's cleans sound better.
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The Hellraiser is a really well-built solid guitar with a great neck and frets.

If you want better cleans put an EMG H or HA in the neck. This is an active single coil pickup that is in a humbucker housing so it can take the place of the 85. Personally I like the 85 better than the 81 and have moved my 85 into the bridge.

EMG pickups come with a quick change connector so you can change EMG pickups in the Hellraiser in about 5 minutes.
schecter ftw.... toatly non biased

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I am in exact same situation with choosing between a Hardtail and Hellraiser! Anyone played both? I love both so I'm thinking I will just get both tbh and have one for hard rock and the other for metal-core!
Schecter over Dean. but if it's a dean hardtail, id pick the dean.
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Personally, I prefer the feel and build of the Dean Hardtail and most of the models are right in that same $600-700 range with the Schecters, so that's not too bad. My only trouble with the Dean Hardtail...is that it only comes in a 22 Fret model & I've just always preferred 24frets.

You might try checking out the Dean Vendetta 4.0 if you like the 24 fret style better. They come with or without a Floyd whammy.

I also really like the Schecters...but in all honesty, I have tried a couple at local guitar stores that felt really dead when played unplugged & while that is not the only determining factor in what is a good electric guitar...a dead sounding unplugged tone is just not a real good place to start.
That said, Schecter does have some damn nice lookin guitars & many more models to choose from in that range.
Bottom line, is that as long as you are able to give it a test run before buying...you should be fine with either brand.

ahhhh...how can i forget about the Vendetta. i've played the Xm and 1.0 models and i liked them. hopefully, i could save up for a 3.0 or 4.0.
Ibanez RG321MH (Air Classic/Tone Zone)
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Blackstar HT-20 (Scumback 55 speaker/ Tung Sol tubes)
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